How to Incorporate Spaces For Working From Home

Never work at your dining table again! Forget the couch and the bar stool! We’ve got something more exciting coming your way.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, there has been a surge in people working from home. Many people in the United States worked from home prior to the pandemic, but it seems like everyone had an at-home gig by the end of 2020.

With the trend in working from home came the trend of making the perfect home office. Workers stormed social media trying to find home design ideas and floor plans for the perfect office.

Lucky for you, we’ve condensed all of the information that you need for your work from home space here. Get ready to design your home the way you want it.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your office is everything. You need to have a space that is away from everyone else if at all possible.

Whether you’re living in a large home or a small apartment, we’re going to share some ideas that you’ve likely never thought of before. 

Make sure to take all of these ideas in before you start drawing up your home office plans. We’re sure that the perfect idea is in here somewhere.

Under the Stairs

Before you start laughing, hear us out. We’re not trying to turn you into Harry Potter, although we do approve of all of the fans out there.

Hiding your desk under the stairs may be the most intimate and productive workspace you’ve ever had. If you’ve ever dealt with getting distracted while you’re trying to work, this kind of space may be exactly what you need.

By nestling your desk in the perfect spot and adding the right amount of lighting, you can make any place the right space for you.

As you’re transforming your under-the-stairs paradise, we recommend including cozy elements to make this once cold space feel more like home. Think about adding seating, blankets, and more to bring an element of home into the space.

If you feel that this may distract you (or you don’t have the space for it), add pictures of family members and friends. Bring something into the space that’ll give you something to smile about while you’re focusing on work.

In a Closet

We know. We know. It’s crazy.

Making a home office space inside of a closet doesn’t seem like it would be the brightest of ideas (or the brightest of spaces). However, it’s a great idea for those of you that are looking for extreme privacy and focus. Plus, it’s even greater for those of you that live in tiny spaces.

To make a closet work as an office space, you might need to call a home builder. However, as long as your closet has a relatively high bottom shelf, you’re good to go with making an office.

Consider adding shelves, moving shelves, or incorporating drawers and organizers as needed. The more you make the space yours, the better off your work ethic will be.

Also, we should clarify that we do not recommend closing yourself into the closet (unless it has plenty of room to do so). The closet doors can serve as a way to hide your office from the rest of the house when you’re not using it.

If the closet is the only space that you can find to make office space, you might want to see if now is a good time to buy a house. We know it may not be your first choice, but maybe this is the push you need to get a space that has room for your dream office.

By a Window

No matter how many lights you have in your office, you’ll never beat natural light. In fact, as long as you work during daylight hours, natural light can keep you awake.

Find a window in your home that isn’t occupied by any other function and make that area your home office. Hopefully, the window is tucked away from the main parts of your home, especially if those parts of your home are consistently occupied by others.

Once you’ve claimed your window, you’ve got to get to planning on finding the perfect desk, chair, and organizational supplies. You probably don’t even have to worry about finding room for a lamp.

On an Empty Wall

If there’s an empty wall somewhere in your home, you can mount a desk there. Whether it’s because you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’re redecorating, that empty wall could be all you need to make your dream office space.

You can hang pictures of your loved ones, mount plants, and add lighting fixtures to the space to make the wall the best office you’ve ever improvised. If you’re feeling uninspired, take a look around Pinterest and speak with a home builder. You might be able to do more with the space than you anticipated.

Comfort Matters

If you’re dealing with uncomfortable office furniture, you’re likely focusing on that more than on the work that you need to get done. This is not to mention that uncomfortable furniture could lead to health issues like back pain, leg weakness, and more.

When we’re talking about comfort, we’re talking about more than your office chair (although it is arguably one of the most important elements of a home office). Your desk, monitor, mouse, and other elements matter, too.

The Right Office Furniture

Let’s start with the basics: your chair and your desk. Finding the right chair and desk combination is vital if you’re looking to create a comfortable, ergonomic-friendly office.

Finding a comfy chair will prevent pain in your back while finding a desk of the right height and shape will prevent pain in your arms and fingers. 

As you’re looking for these essentials, you should think about the layout of your office as well. This requires a little bit of planning.

Make sure that you’re considering how large the office chair and desk are. Pull out a measuring tape and get to planning.

Helpful Technology

Everyone needs helpful gadgets around their office space. Whether you need your phone constantly charged or you’re looking at three monitors every day, there’s an office gadget out there to help you take advantage of your office space.

If you take calls throughout the day, consider placing a phone stand on your desk rather than having your phone constantly stuck in between papers and binders. This will keep the phone upright in a fixed position so you know where it is and you can see who’s calling.

If you’re looking at multiple monitors, consider mounting them. You’ll have more room on your desk, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the vertical space above your desk.

Even something simple like a hanging light or a pen/pencil organizer can make your desk less cluttered and more efficient for you to use.

Compact Furniture

If you’re living in a space that doesn’t allow you to have a 24/7 office, you may want to consider compact furniture. This is furniture that can fold up and be stored away for use later.

You might have a foldable desk and chair. Perhaps, your desk folds up towards the wall if you’ve had it mounted there.

If your office is located in a closet, all you have to do is shut the doors.

Whatever your solution, you should be sure that you can clean up the space well enough that you can use it for other reasons. In fact, your office should look like it was never there.

Productive Color Scheme

Everyone has their own workspace preferences. This includes the fact that everyone has their own color preferences.

Whether you like bright colors to keep you positive and awake or mute colors to keep you focused and productive, you should match your office to these colors. Think about what kind of environment would suit your personality and work vibe.

If you need some ideas, look at a color palette generator. This can help you find the right combinations of colors to suit the work mood that you want to set for yourself every single day.

As you’re building your dream office, keep the color palette that you’ve chosen in mind. You should also let your designer and builder know about the colors you’ve chosen.

Make Your Own Space for Working From Home

Hopefully, one of these ideas has sparked your creativity and made your dream of having an at-home office more of a reality. We understand what it’s like to be cramped at the dining table or wish for privacy on the living room couch.

It’s time to change things. You and your work team will thank you later.

Get started today by connecting with us. We can find you the best home builders to help you with your home office project. No matter what your dream office looks like, we’re sure that we can find the builder that will make that dream a reality.

Get excited, because you’re about to change your life!

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