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The Journey of Building Your Dream Home

There is no better feeling in the world than the decision to build your dream custom home! 

And then comes the question… “Where do I start?”

“Where can I find the resources that will help me make my dream happen?”, “Who will be able to build exactly the home I want?”, ” How much does it cost to build a custom home?”,  “Should I buy a new home or build custom?”, “How do I compare home builders?”, “Where do I find land?”,”How about financing?”, “What if..?”, and the list goes on and on.

The 5 Stages Of The Home Building Process

There are 5 stages in the home building process journey and you most likely will fall into one of them at any given time. Depending on where you are in the process there are important things you must know in order to save time, money and make the home construction process a pain free journey. And if you get the stages out of the order below…oh well, that will turn out to be very expensive!

Where are you in your home building journey?

1. "Dreaming"

In this stage you are exercising your imagination while looking at home designs on the internet and in magazines. You even drive by new communities just for the “heck of it” to see what “they are building here” 😉

“Look at all those beautiful homes!”

“Can normal people really afford something like that?”

“One day…🤔”

Don’t worry, this is a required stage. All the great things were once a dream. Take your time, keep on dreaming! 

Need some more to dream about? See home plans and designs here.

2. Planning

You have decided you are building your dream home.

How exciting!

But wait!! 

What’s your budget? Timeline? Style of home? 

This stage usually takes 1-2 months as you take a look at your savings and timeline. You have also started looking at home designs for inspiration. You feel like you can see it happen!

3. Financing

Money, Money, Money….

Before you start the builder selection process it’s a good idea to talk to a lender and even get pre-approved for a home building loan. 

Once you know your amount you can select builders that build in your price range. Always a good idea to stay on budget!

4. Selecting A Builder

And here you are…you know what kind of home you want to build and you have your budget in place. Now you are ready to select a builder and start your research. You ask around, search on the internet and try to shortlist a few builders to talk to.

In this stage is very important to compare builders and see which ones align with your needs and budget. We have carefully selected the best builders to be featured. Click Here to find a home builder in your area, save them to your favorite list and compare their services.

Once you have at least two favorite home builders, it’s time to schedule appointments and interviews. Take your time, this is a critical step. Also – trust your intuition when selecting a builder. You will know from the moment you start talking to them if they are a good fit.

5. Contract Signed, Building Your Dream Home

You did it! You are now under contract with your favorite builder. Make sure you ask for clarification on the home building timeline and communicate your concerns to the builder early in the process. It’s not uncommon to have to make changes and adjustments to designs, options, upgrades so don’t hesitate to ask about everything early in the process.

Also, let your builder know how often you would like updates on the progress, each builder has their own rhythm that might not coincide with your expectations so settle on that early.

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Oh, the home building process…So many steps, so many moving parts…

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Find the top home builders in your area, browse their portfolios, compare home designs and contact home builders all in one place.

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